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A great thought and one which has caused great response from others!


I’ve always wondered why Jesus said, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” whilst on the cross. Why would the Son of God say suone thing so profoundly negative before His death? Surely, an “I trust in you my Lord” would’ve sounded more heroic right? Wrong! After reading up two things emerge. Firstly, many believe […]


Justin Widdop (Everyday Champion’s Church) wrote on Twitter, something that really inspired me: My greatest joy is not events, preaching, meetings, budgets and so on. It’s pastoring people and helping them become the champion God designed! Wow. This stirs and reminds me that the leadership journey is one of process, not project. BT.

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I read this a while back & thought I’d share it. This is for anyone who struggles with guilt and the need to be perfect… EXODUS 17:1 ESV the people of Israel moved on from the wilderness of Sin in stages Please don’t make the same mistake I do and try to be “Mr. Perfect” […]


More and more we see people choosing faith communities because of aesthetics, especially the “preaching style” of the speaker. In this generation, people increasingly choose the influence of an emotive speaker over the integrity of his theology. Many now endorse a faith community because of its style over its substance. If Jesus was still in […]


I follow certain people on Twitter who may grate against me or believe the total opposite I do. Why, I ask myself? Because it challenges my faith & helps me think wider. It exposes me & bursts my theological bubble. I’ve come to realize that tweets directed at God & believers (that are purposefully-poignant & […]


Steven Furtick: Disappointment is a marker, often not of being on the wrong path but of being on the right one.


Charles H Spurgeon: There must also be a willingness to obey the Lord in all His commandments. It is a shameful thing for a man to profess discipleship and yet refuse to learn his Lord’s will upon certain points, or even dare to decline obedience when that will is known. How can a man be […]


The further I’ve gone I’ve realised, Your setback could be your spring forward Luckily, the people in my life don’t shy from helpful advice & show me that in every setback, there lies an opportunity to make the next occasion a different outcome. I’m grateful for that. B.


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